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In order to minimise footfall in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, pitch bookings are now available by online application. To apply for a pitch booking, fill in the form below. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your application. While provisional bookings can be made by telephoning 01236 622000, these will only be confirmed with both the completion of player contact lists and receipt of full card payment in advance.

Booking Time
Pitch Required:
Booking Regularity:

Please confirm the names and phone numbers of all participating players.


5-a-side and 6-a-side pitch bookings: 10 names only

7-a-side bookings: 14 names only

No substitutes or spectators are currently permitted.

Thanks for submitting!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings will be taken provisionally awaiting player confirmation and full payment in advance.

  2. Booking holders must send email reply stating names and telephone numbers for all participating players.

  3. Booking holders will be responsible for the accuracy of these contact details.

  4. Booking holders must inform the Stadium of any changes to player participation or contact details. 

  5. Card payments will be required over the telephone before booking is confirmed.

  6. Under no circumstances will any player attend the Stadium grounds with any suspected or confirmed symptoms of Covid-19.

  7. Players will enter the Stadium grounds via the stewarded car park gate on Petersburn Road.

  8. Stewarding staff will authorise entry according to pre-informed player details.

  9. Players will park in the allocated parking bays in the south/east car park.

  10. Players will arrive promptly ahead of each booking time and will not congregate within the grounds.

  11. Players will use the sanitising stations provided to sanitise hands, footballs and equipment prior to and after play.

  12. Players will keep 2 metre distancing out with the pitch area.

  13. Player contact will be minimal as there will be no handshakes, no headers, no swapping clothing, no spitting, no contact with other players on other pitches.

  14. Players must remove own belongings from the pitch and dispose of own litter in the bins provided.

  15. Players exiting the pitch will keep 2 metre distancing from players entering the pitch.

  16. Players will exit the pitch promptly and will vacate the Stadium grounds without delay.

  17. Players who fail to conduct themselves in an appropriately safe manner will be banned from returning.

  18. Please note that toilet facilities and changing rooms within the Stadium building will not be available for use.

  19. Should any player subsequently fall ill with suspected Covid-19, they must register and follow the government's test & protect guidance.

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