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Under 19s Player of the Year event

21st May 2014

The Player of the Year Event for the Under 19s was held in the Presidents Bar On Saturday 17th May.

It was a relaxed and enjoyable evening for all, and congratulations go to all the winners.

The evening started with a review of the season by coaches Stephen Findlay and James Grant. 

They thanked all the team, their parents, and the Club for what had been a fine campaign, only narrowly missing out on progressing to the cup semi- finals.


However it was also recognised that the number of successful progressions through the ranks at Airdrie is an area we should be immensely proud of, bearing in mind the small resources we have.

Many people are unaware that there is no SFA funding for age levels above 16 so this an area that the Club support and invest in to progress. It would not be achievable without sterling volunteers, parents taking an active role in transport etc, and the coaches commitment to giving up valuable time.

There was congratulations given to Rohan Ferguson and Liam Baillie who had been brought in from the 17s and finished the season in style by converting their current contracts to professional.

A special mention was also given to Nicky Cadden and Scott Stewart, who made it through to the first team and have now been offered full terms.

The progression of these players has been an accolade to all who have worked with them.

There were a few tongue in cheek awards, and then it was onto the proper awards of achievement. The winners were as follows:

Players Player of the Year 
Scott Stewart

Most Improved Player 
Reece Lowden

Goal of the Season 
Nicky Cadden (v Celtic at Barrowfield)

Player of the Year 
Scott Stewart

The evening ended on a high with music, dancing and karaoke. 

We look forward to next season!

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