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Kieron Stallard interview

4th March 2012

Now you’re in your second season at Airdrie...

Well it’s my first season signed but before I was on loan from Falkirk my second season all in.

What went wrong at Falkirk?

They said that if I stayed on I wouldn’t be guaranteed to be playing every week, maybe being on the bench, and I just wanted to play.  And the gaffer here said I’d get the chance to play every week so that was one of the reasons I left.

And you’re a local boy?

Aye, I went to the games when I was younger when it was Archibald [in charge].  But then I signed for Falkirk and then nothing happened so I had to come back to get my chance. 

What do you make of the Falkirk side now?

They’re brilliant.  I still keep in contact with a few mates I’ve got there.  It’s a good club with good players.

Where else have you played?

Just Falkirk, since I was 13.  I did play for a local boys’ team but I went from there straight to Falkirk and was there ever since. 

You’ve been made Captain a few times.  I suppose that adds a bit of pressure?

Yeah I’ve been captain about four or five times all in – whenever Lovers isn’t playing and I am.  I don’t know if it’s pressure; it’s a good thing to have and I try not to let it affect me.  You get a bit of respect with it and that.

Are you one that asks advice from older players or do you find yourself giving advice to the younger guys?

No no, I’m only 21 and I still look up to big David Lilley, Homer and Lovers – the usual ones really.  Whenever you’ve got a problem they’ll try and talk to you and obviously Lovers has been helping a lot this year as well.

How would you rate your defensive partnership with David Lilley this season so far?  Would you say you’ve worked well enough?

Well obviously not.  I think there’s more to the team losing goals than just defence, that’s what Lils was saying as well: there’s a lot more than the defence to blame.  We score goals as a team but we’re losing goals as a team as well. 

What would you say that’s been our main problem this season?

Losing goals?  Definitely.  As a team defensively we’re just not good enough.

People say you’re naturally a central midfielder, but I read that you started out at Falkirk as a right-back...

When I initially signed for the first team at Falkirk I was playing at right-back – when John Hughes was manager.  I played there a lot and that’s where I had signed, but when Steven Pressley got the job I played a lot more in the midfield.  But right-back is where I feel more natural.

How would you rate Jimmy Boyle compared to the managers at Falkirk?

I like the gaffer; I get on well with him and the coaches.  At Falkirk there was Steven Pressley, Eddie May and Yogi who were all very strict, more so Eddie and Yogi.

Is that because they’re ex-players?

It’s totally different part-time.  When you’re full-time you’re with the squad every day.  I think it’s easier for full-time managers to get ideas across.  When you’re part-time all you’re doing is training a few times a week.  The gaffer’s done a lot for me.

Next week we face Albion Rovers again.  Is that on the players’ minds just now?

We’ve not really spoken about it but it’s definitely on mine after the last time.  It’s a big result that I can remember from any Airdrie teams.  I think maybe more the local lads have got it on their minds but we need to get revenge on them, basically. 

Interview by Douglas Barrie

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