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July 8, 2022

Club Statement on unacceptable conduct

Whilst it is appreciated that behaviour which is classed as unacceptable conduct only involves the minority of individuals in our society, the club wishes to ensure that we continue to maintain the highest standards both on and off the field of play and that the name "Airdrieonians Football Club" is associated with sporting behaviour at all times.

To this end we will strive to ensure that we adhere to good practice from the board, management, staff and players. We expect everyone to treat others in a manner that they would expect to be treated.

We all regard the club as our family and as such, this expectation extends to both supporters and anyone visiting Excelsior Stadium.

No-one should be subject to abuse in respect of their gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability, or age.

All our policies regarding behaviour are displayed on the club website.

The club will react swiftly to any abuse of any sort, either witnessed or reported.

Supporters will be aware that we acted quickly to identify those involved in an act of violence at the stadium recently and gave lifetime bans to three individuals. This was able to be achieved by supporters working closely with the club and shows what “team effort” is all about.

If we all adhere to basic principles of good behaviour, we will meet the objective of the mission statement as stated above - and ensure that Airdrieonians Football Club is associated with sporting behaviour at all times.




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