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Keen Airdrie fan helps Europe to golfing glory

October 2, 2018

Airdrie fan Stuart Griffin (36) was unlucky enough to suffer a serious stroke when he was only eight years old. However, that hasn’t stopped him becoming a very keen sportsman and a serious golfer.


Unable to use his right hand, Stuart recently represented Europe in England in the bi-annual golf match for one armed golfers against North America, with the teams competing for the Fightmaster Cup. This trophy was named after a world champion American one armed golfer and fundraiser, Don Fightmaster, who encouraged many disabled people in the USA and further afield to take up sport and golf in particular.


Stuart played in every match in the series, one of only three Europeans and two Americans to do so - an excellent achievement. His father, Colin Griffin, has a 100% record too, caddying for Stuart in every match. Colin is a lifelong Airdrie fan and season ticket holder, and he also proudly wore the shirt for a couple of years in the late 1960’s, signing for the Diamonds straight from Airdrie Academy on his 19th birthday.


Weather conditions were poor on every day of the September event, but Team Europe was again successful, winning the match by 17 points to 11. The match is played in the same format as the Ryder Cup and Stuart managed to win one of his fourball matches (losing the other at the 18th) as well as his singles match on the Saturday, which he won by a resounding score of 4 up with 3 to play.


Stuart and Colin are well travelled since Europe lost the very first match in Louisville, Kentucky, but have won every match since at St Pierre, Chepstow in Wales; Chicago, Illinois; Stirling Golf Club; Palm Springs, California; and last month at Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club in Kent.


Well done Stuart, congratulations on a fantastic achievement!

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