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Football memories group

August 20, 2017

The Supporters' Trust have launched their "Football Memories" group, which has been a huge hit with fans.


After the success of the inaugural group, where 29 residents and their support workers came along to discuss football at the stadium, the next meeting takes place next Friday (August 25) at 2:00pm.


The Trust told "Because of the large numbers of the first group - which we were informed by Michael White, who manages this project throughout Scotland - was the largest in attendance he has ever been at, we are looking to reduce the numbers coming along to each session but increase the meetings to once per fortnight instead of once per month. 


"Hopefully by doing this residents will have more individual time with fewer distractions which will improve upon their overall experience. 


"There were 10 volunteers at the last meeting and it's hoped that they, and any others who can help out, can come along and support what is a very worthwhile experience. 


"It's hoped to set up a volunteer rota where individuals are not expected to attend every session. All volunteers need is the ability to talk about football. 


"We also require the donation of football photographs, newspaper articles and programmes from the 50s, 60s and 70s to help stimulate discussions."


If you can help out with volunteering, or with any of these items, please get in touch by email:

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