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Diamond Fencing sign up as partners

October 5, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Diamond Fencing are the latest company to sign up to the Club Partner Scheme.


As the name would suggest, the business is owned  by lifelong Airdrie fan Gordon Smith, whose house actually looks onto the Excelsior Stadium - and he was delighted to get involved with the club he loves.

Gordon told “I started supporting Airdrieonians when I was an 11-year-old boy, and stepped onto the Broomfield turf in the Schools Cup buzzing with pride.


"I also used to love going down to help clear the snow off the pitch so the game could go ahead on the Saturday, as it got me out of school!


"I went to every home game, and like most kids at that time was always asking "give us a lift over the turnstiles mister?".


"When I got too heavy for that, we used to sneak over the toilet wall at the Railway End, which was always an adventure!


"I also used to help my mum - who was also a fan - in the catering kiosk, and when she later became ill and wheelchair bound, I would take her down and get in for free as a carer.


"All happy times supporting my home town team. When Dougy approached me to become a club partner, as well as it being a great business opportunity, I also felt it was time to pay back for all the games I sneaked in for nothing!"


Diamond Fencing are specialists in decking, turfing and fencing, and are available for private and contract work. They are delighted to offer season ticket holders and members of staff a 20% discount on all quotes.

Gordon added: "I started my fencing career 20 years ago as a labourer where I learned my trade, and then later started up my own firm, working as subcontractor for all the big house building firms, such as Persimmons, Bellway, Cala and Wimpy - which I continue to do all over Scotland.


"I still do many private jobs though, and would welcome the chance to do work for fellow Diamonds and staff. EIO!"

Further information and examples of Gordon's work can be found on the Diamond Fencing Facebook page link below.


Alternatively, please contact Gordon on  07772 481531, or email

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