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Osprey swoop to renew back-of-shirt deal

May 4, 2018

We are delighted that Osprey Global - our sponsors from Down Under - have committed to a third year running to be one of the sponsors on the back of our away strip.


The Australian firm - based in Darwin - specialise in strategic end-to-end project solutions  in a variety of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Marine, Energy & Defence. The Osprey Hub is expanding and with their strategic alliance partners are advancing into different regions having recently achieved this in South East Asia.


The connection with Airdrie comes through General Manager Dave Walker - a native of Airdrie who emigrated 22 years ago, and who has been a Diamond since the 1980s.


Dave told “Although Australia has been home since 96, I am and always will be a proud Airdrieonian - and my love for the Diamonds, the people and the town will never leave me.


“It is a privilege for Osprey to be able to sponsor but also to be in partnership with Airdrie, especially in these exciting times with good Airdrie minded people at the helm.


“Business wise it’s a great opportunity for Osprey to spread its wings further, and with the Airdrie partnership we will get to promote our company prior to 2019 when the Osprey HUB enters the UK, whilst at the same time in a small way assist Airdrieonians Football Club get back to where we belong - it’s a win win.


“It’s a great time to be a Diamond - You can take the man out of Whinhall but never the Whinhall out of a man!”


Commercial Manager Douglas Allsop was delighted at the signing.


“Since first coming into contact with Dave two years ago, he has been a breath of fresh air, and keeps me on my toes from the other side of the world - I don’t think the man sleeps!

“Aside from Osprey’s contribution to the club, Dave has personally been very generous, spending many thousands on Trust merchandise, Sensory Room Donations, and of course, buying two of our infamous celebrity signed tops – donating the Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest one to the Sensory Room, but keeping the Vinnie Jones one for himself!


“He keeps saying he misses home, but when I am talking to him with two feet of snow outside my window - in April - and he is off to the beach, I am not sure who is kidding who!


“Sentiment aside though, Dave is a very shrewd businessman, and has plans to bring Osprey into the UK market in the second quarter of 2019, hopefully his involvement with us will help this.”

For further information on Osprey, visit their website, follow on linkedin or watch their promotional video.

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