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Diamonds dig deep for Arran's garden

9th June 2016

We were delighted to hear that one of the Official Club Partners and proud Trust member, Grant Lambie from Alba Property and Landscaping - together with other Supporters' Trust members - came up with an idea to create a safe and fun environment for three-year-old Arran and his mum. 

Arran was born prematurely, has Down's Syndrome and had open-heart surgery when he was just five months old.

Daniel Lambie, a member of the Supporters' Trust, commented: "The project to redevelop a garden for Arran and his mum captures the essence of what a community club is all about. 

"The Trust, the Club, sponsors and fans all coming together to make a real, lasting and positive difference.

"People's generosity so far has been astounding. We've had loads of materials and equipment donated, and dozens have pledged their time and skills. 

"But we are still a way short of having everything we need. Anyone who would like to help can join us on Facebook - search for Arran's garden - or make a donation at"

Douglas Allsop, Commercial Manager, said: "The club fully supports this incredible community project and will be involved not only by promoting the initiative through our media channels, but are also happy to lend a pair of extra hands!"


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