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Airdrie Community Trust

4th June 2013

The Club is delighted to announce the formation of a Community Trust that will focus on improving our involvement with the local community. 

The establishment of a Trust has been an objective of the Board for some time and we are at a point in our development when it is appropriate to focus resources on this.

The overall aim of the Trust will be to assist in improving the health and well-being of socially disadvantaged individuals and groups through coaching and educational programmes. More information will follow over the coming weeks with regard to both the Trusts Aims & Objectives and upcoming projects.

We hope that through using available resources appropriately, we can strengthen our links across the community and, as well as providing benefit to local people, will improve our fan base as we do so.

The inaugural Trustees are Rose Ballantyne, Reverend John Murning and Colin Rutherford. 

Visitors to the website will be aware of the ongoing work at Glencryan School in Cumbernauld, with the establishment of a pilot programme providing football coaching to twenty five pupils at the school. This programme will continue in the 2013-14 school year when the number of pupils involved will increase.

We will provide regular updates about Trust activity through the Club Website and via a Facebook page.

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