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Two new Directors appointed

1st June 2013

The Club have appointed 2 new Directors:

Gillian Ballantyne currently runs the Club Lottery and is well known among lottery agents and fans alike.

With her extensive fitness background her role is also currently expanding.

Last season she was involved in the introduction of specialised training with the first team, and with the ever increasing youth set up she is getting ready to expand this to the other teams.

Colin Rutherford has been in and around the Club during Season 2012-13, and his experience was greatly welcome in both the Club Academy Scotland Youth Audit, and in the ever increasing field of Club Licencing.

Colin has extensive organisational skills in Business Management, Consultancy and Personnel.

He is well-known on the football scene, most recently having been a director of Queen of the South a few years ago.

Colin is also currently involved in the setting up of the Airdrie Community Trust and more details of this will follow shortly.

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