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Coaching movements

22nd June 2012

Congratulations are in order to manager Jimmy Boyle, who has now completed and passed his A Licence course with the SFA.

Jimmy had passed his B and the first part of the A several years ago but work demands meant that he could not complete it.

With the help of the SFA , he was put onto a revision course to bring him back up to speed and then as soon as the season finished, he headed off to Largs for a week for the "Exams". Not quite the summer break he had hoped for, but the end result was excellent and well deserved!

Still on coaching matters, we are disappointed that Paul "Lumber" Jack will not be with us next season.

Paul was made a job offer in Qatar which he could not refuse and he goes with our best wishes.

We have already emailed out the fixture list and hope that he will be back a few times during the season.

The Club has been awarded a Silver Licence under the new Uefa Club Licence System.

This licence procedure covers a massive criteria ranging from facilities, qualifications, codes of conduct, professionalism, youth structure, medical and financial status.

A lot of people from within and outwith the Club have worked diligently to obtain this level and we are very proud of our achievement.

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