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SFL Statement on League Reconstruction

17th January 2013

We understand that the fans are concerned as to the current position concerning the Club and the proposals for League Reconstruction.

In order to keep everyone up to date, below is the SFL statement issued today.

Ann Marie Ballantyne 


The SFL Board wish to inform member clubs and fans of our current position on the issue of League reconstruction. 

We have agreed to examine the details behind the proposals which we now have and which are being circulated to clubs today. SFL clubs will meet later this month to discuss and share their views on how these proposals could improve the game. We will also discuss if and when these proposals could realistically be delivered. 

We will do this in the spirit of working together for the good of the whole game and within the context of acknowledging the recently advised unanimous position of SPL clubs. 

No votes will be cast at this meeting as this will be the first opportunity for all clubs to debate the details which are being circulated today. No agreement has been reached with any other body or external party. 

The Scottish Football League's position has consistently been clear, we have been advocates of change and we have supported the possibility of a larger top league but we recognise that this is unlikely to be deliverable in the current financial climate. 

We do, however, support the fundamental principles which are crucial to the short and long-term future of the game we are so proud of. 

David A. Longmuir 
Chief Executive, SFL 
17th January, 2013

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