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Willie is coming home

16th December 2011

The Club has received an early Christmas present from Excelsior Stadium with the conclusion of a deal to make Willie McLaren an Airdrie player on 1st January when he will leave Hamilton Academical.

Negotiations have been ongoing for some time to try to make it happen but the Stadium company have stepped in to provide the additional finance to allow us to sign the deal and Willie will be our player for the rest of the season.

A delighted Chairman confirmed "Jimmy and I have been working on this for a while but it was a big ask. I cannot thank the Stadium Company enough for stepping in with the additional finance. The difference Willie has made to us is clear to see and it is great to be able to plan for the rest of the season with Willie being an Airdrie player".

Jimmy continued "Willie has brought a new dimension to our team and it has benefitted the entire squad and anybody that has seen us play in the last few weeks cannot help but be impressed with his contribution".

This is a great example of everybody working together to do what is best for the club, and to Excelsior Stadium, we salute you.

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