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Nathan Blockley interview

10th February 2012

How many seasons have you been at Airdrie?

This is my first season in the first team but I was in the Under 19s last season.

Where were you before then, and what was it like compared to here?

I was at Queens Park.  It was a good set up but I didn’t get on with the manager so I phoned Jimmy and he told me to come in here to see how I got on and I was signed up.  He’s been giving us young boys a chance which is good.

Has it been easier for you to work your way into the first team more recently?

It’s been easier, but it’s still hard because there’s a lot of boys there trying to play in your position so you’ve just got to work hard and hopefully get your chance.

What was it like making your debut [against Forfar last season]?

I remember it being really good, and I played the full 90 – but apart from that not much!

You played in the first game of the season, a 5-0 defeat to Livingston. Did that dent your confidence at all as a young player?

No, I just thought that I had to get more experience and the more games you play obviously the more experience that you get.  I thought the defeat was a bit hard on us.

Have you got any role models in the squad or anyone you go to for advice?

I look up to the older players such as Lils, Homer, Lovers, Lynchy and Jamie Stevenson.  They give me more information to help me on; just talking to me and helping me out so I can hopefully get into the first team.

When you’re starting out in football, how do you know what your best position is?  Do you tell the coaches or do the coaches watch you in training to see where you’d play best?

Well when I originally phoned the gaffer I told him I could play at the back or in the midfield.  For the first few games I was playing at centre mid.  But recently I’ve been playing at right back for the team.  I’ve played there before so it’s been good.  The way that I look at it, I’ll play anywhere as long as I get a game for the first team!

Is that the main reason Jimmy’s been playing you there then?

Yeah, hopefully I can keep playing though.  Against Brechin last Saturday I just wasn’t in it – at right back – then moved into centre mid and did a bit better.  Now I just need to wait for today and hope I can do better!

Interview by Douglas Barrie

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