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Jamie Bain interview

9th October 2011

So Jamie, how did it go this morning?

It was alright, we got beat 4-0 but it was a good performance I thought. 

Any familiar faces in the Celtic team?

Cha Du-Ri was playing, and Tony Watt as well – he did not too bad.

Did he score?

Nah, he didn’t.  Trying too hard to be honest!

What was it like playing against him then?

It was good.  He’s getting better, obviously he’s full time at Celtic but it was a good game, I thought he did alright, and he’s a good player.

Did you grow up playing alongside him?

No, he’s two years younger than me – just playing with him through Airdrie [last season].

How many seasons have you been at Airdrie now?

Think I’ve been here for six years.

There was a lot of change at the club last season; did you find it easier to break into the first team then than you did the season before?

I wouldn’t say easier.  At the start of the season last year I spoke to my Dad and he said “You just need to work your hardest and see where it takes you.  If you don’t get into the first team then you just work hard in training” and I did that and got into the first team.  That’s all I’ve been doing – just working hard. 

You’re one of the younger players – does it tend to be a lot of the younger ones looking upto the older players in the squad?

Definitely.  I look up to Lovers and that, Lilley and Homer [Derek Holmes] and they do give me advice.

But then, for instance Nathan [Blockley] and Scott [Morton],they sometimes look at me and ask me questions and it just goes on and on.

I suppose it must help you during a game having someone like David Lilley or Paul Lovering helping you along the back line?

Aye, it’s brilliant.  It’s good to have experience to guide me along and keep me right.

Even though you’re a defender, you’ve scored some wonder-goals, haven’t you?!

I want to score another one this year but we’ll see what it brings!

Lovers had his wonder-goal last weekend...

There’s a few jokes going and saying he tried to cross it and stuff like that but we’ll just keep it at that!

Have you got a favourite goal so far?

Probably the over-head kick [against Stenhousemuir last seaon].  The most buzzing I’ve felt after a goal would be the equaliser against Beith that was amazing.  It was different class that day.

Like last season, we’ve had a few mixed results so far.  Do you think the international break came at a good time?

It has and it hasn’t.  It’s one of these things everyone has to take on if they’re not playing internationals.  We’ve just came off the back of a 5-2 win against Stenhousemuir so whether we can take that into the next game against Brechin away is just something we need to work on.

Results go up and down, but it’s just football for you.  You either need to get 100% or you need to do something about it. 

The next two games are away from home.  Is it vital to have fans there for a bit of support?

I think so, aye.  I was speaking to Gary Cunningham before the Stenhousemuir game and he was saying he wasn’t putting on a bus to Brechin.  But then we beat Stenny, and now he’s got a bus and it’s full.  So there’s fans out there willing to support us because we give them the results, I really like that.

You’ve made over 50 appearances for the club and you’ve only just turned 20.  You must be proud of that achievement?

My mum and dad are proud too, their 20 year old son making 50 appearances in professional football.  But I’m looking to get more, definitely more for Airdrie anyway! 

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