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Specsavers vs Specsavers

3rd April 2012

There was a very rare occurrence at New Broomfield, home of Airdrie FC, a couple of Sundays back, when Airdrie Utd and East Fife met in the SFL Under 19 league competition.

As kick-off time approached, the Airdrie lads ran out on to the pitch in their familiar white kit with the red diamond – and the prominent green Specsavers logo on the front, as the local opticians have sponsored the team this season. Then the Fifers emerged in their classic black & gold kits – with the prominent green Specsavers logo on the front, as their store in Leven happens to be the main sponsors of East Fife’s under age squad.

Then, of course, the referee appeared in his neutral gear, complete with prominent green Specsavers logo on the sleeves, as part of the optician group’s centralised marketing strategy.

Thankfully, Airdrie FC was prepared for this, having invited management from both Specsavers stores along for some boardroom hospitality, and with a photographer on hand to capture the pre-match pleasantries.

This coincidence should not be a huge surprise, though – as Specsavers prides itself on integrating with the communities it serves, even if it enjoys nationwide fame as a brand. Both in Leven and in Airdrie, the local Specsavers stores have committed to continuing their sponsorship of the respective under age teams next season. The fixtures should mean that it will be East Fife’s turn to host the Specsavers derby in 2012-13.

The final score on the day was Airdrie 5 East Fife 2, with the home side’s goals coming from Goodall, Gilchrist (2) and Burns (2).

For further information, contact:
Alison Grieve, Specsavers 01236 745590
John Drysdale, Airdrie Utd 07962 023683

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