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Graeme Goodall interview 2

3rd January 2012

Have you got any role models in the squad?

Lils, Homer, Lovers and Stevo.  They’re the ones the younger players look up to.  It’s good to have them in the squad with their experience.

Lovering, the other left-back at the club, has scored a couple of goals this season.  Have you got a similar knack for goal?

No!  I’m well overdue a goal in the 19s actually.  It’s been a really long time.  I think the last time was against Dundee which was actually two years ago; which is weird because I like to get forward.  But when you’re a left-back the main goal is to defend so I just need to concentrate on that.  Though I would like to add a couple of goals, this season!

What is it you’re doing at university?

I’m doing Sports Coaching and Development.  We’ve just finished the first module, so it’s going alright.

So you’re incorporating that with playing for Airdrie?

Yeah, even with some of the things I’ve been learning.  Recently we had to do an essay on warm-ups and cool-downs, so you pick up little things that you try and adapt.  Even different stretching techniques by reading different books, and going to the gym.  Also it’s good with the coaching side of things with any of the younger boys.  We did that earlier in the season – Kieron Stallard was involved as well I think.  I remember a few of us before one of the games on Saturday helping them do drills.  It’ll also help me keep fit.

Interview by Douglas Barrie.

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