How do I access and watch a live stream on DiamondsTV?

Visit dtv.airdriefc.com or download our Android/iOS apps from the relevant app stores and sign up using an email and password or alternatively use your Facebook credentials.

Google Play - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.univtec.airdriefc.app

Apple Store - apps.apple.com/us/app/diamonds-tv/id1529494692

From the home page, click on the relevant match listed under Upcoming Events or alternatively click Airdrieonians FC from the menu and then select the match category.

*Please note both apps are still in development and do not include the option to buy PPV tickets or apply access codes.

I’ve paid for my season ticket, how do I access the live stream?

Season ticket holders will be provided with free access to the live stream whilst crowd restrictions remain in place. Each season ticket holder will receive a unique access code at least 24 hours before kick off.

To watch the live stream, click into the relevant match and scroll down until you see the section to redeem your access code.

If possible, copy and paste the access code received in your email (to prevent typing errors – all codes are case sensitive) and click ‘Send Code’. You will see confirmation below the video player telling you what match ticket you using to watch the live stream.

I don’t have a season ticket, how do I watch the live stream?

Non-season ticket holders can watch the live stream by purchasing a Pay-Per-View ticket.

These are available to purchase by clicking on the match listed on DiamondsTV and then scroll down to the ‘Tickets for sale’ section where you will find the price and the ‘Buy Now’ option.

Once purchased, you will see confirmation below the video player telling you what match ticket you using to watch this match.

What devices can I watch the live stream on?

Supported devices include computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones however these must comply with the following requirements:

  • Processor = 2.33GHz or faster.

  • Memory = 2GB or greater.

  • Graphics Memory = 128MB or greater

  • Operating Systems = Windows 8.1 and macOS 9, or later.

  • Browsers = Up to date versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are all supported. From previous streams, users have reported Google Chrome has worked best.

  • Internet Speed = The quality of the live stream will be dependent on the speed and reliability of your internet connection however we recommend download speeds of at least 5Mbps.


Can I test my device before paying for a match?

Please watch the test stream on our website in advance of kick off to ensure your device is capable of playing the live stream. If your device has problems, please follow the steps in the troubleshooting guide or try another supported device.


When can I purchase Pay-Per-View tickets or apply my season ticket access code?

Information will be released in the days before each home fixture via our website and social media channels.

Season ticket holders who receive access codes via email should apply these as soon as possible so that any issues with logins or access codes can be resolved in the days leading up to the game.

Likewise, we recommend anyone purchasing a Pay-Per-View ticket does so as soon as possible after information is released to ensure any issues with logins or payment can be resolved in plenty of time.

Are there any restrictions on watching the live stream?

Live streams can be viewed worldwide however as per SPFL regulations, access is restricted to only one device/browser per account.

If you are already logged in on a device and try to log in on another, a you will receive a ‘Device Limit Reached’ warning which will advise of the currently logged in device/browser.

To remove this device, click the ‘bin’ icon next to it, or alternatively visit My Devices in your account settings and remove from there.

I’m seeing score updates on social media or TV ahead of the live stream, can these be synced?

Unfortunately it is the nature of live streaming that there will always be a slight delay that will see media outlets report updates from the game before the live stream.

We recommend muting any notifications from the clubs social media channels and try ignoring any other media outlets with live score updates whilst watching the live stream.

I’m having problems with the DTVLive website?

If you are experiencing issues whilst using any part of the DTVLive website, please check the troubleshooting guide below for steps you can take to resolve common problems.

Before buying access to a live stream, please ensure that you are able to watch using a device that meets the minimum requirements. A test stream is available on the DiamondsTV platform to allow you to test your device prior to any live match.

It is also advisable that all logins are checked and access codes/PPV tickets are applied or bought well in advance of kick off to allow time for issues to be resolved.

If you require further assistance, please contact support@airdriefc.com. Please be aware that support may not be available during live matches as DTV staff are deployed on operational duties.

DTVLive Troubleshooting Guide


I can’t redeem my access code or buy a PPV ticket

  • Clear your browser cache.

  • Log out of the PPV platform and then log back in again.


I can’t get logged into the website

  • Reset your password using the ‘Forgot password’ link on the login page.

  • Make sure you are using the correct login details (Email Address & Password or Facebook)


The live stream isn’t playing or I only see a white screen

  • Clear your browser cache.

  • Ensure you are using a recommended device/browser.

  • Clicking links via social media can automatically load websites in their own browser which are not recommended.


My stream keeps buffering

  • Test your internet connection speed, if you’re not getting the speed you should try restarting your Wi-Fi router.

  • Change the video quality to a lower resolution (720p/480p).

  • Ensure you are using a recommended device/browser.

  • Clicking links via social media can automatically load websites in their own browser which are not recommended.


I’m receiving a ‘Device Limit Reached’ error message

  • If you receive a ‘Device Limit Reached’ warning, click the ‘bin’ icon next to the listed device.

  • Alternatively click your user profile icon and then click ‘My Devices’ and remove any existing devices from there.


I bought a PPV ticket but don’t have an access code

  • Anyone buying a PPV ticket will not require an access code to watch the live stream.