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Get fit with FFIT

September 12, 2018

The life changing programme, Football Fans in Training is returning for 2018-19 and is now coming to Airdrie for the first time. 


Airdrie supporters can sign up for free now! 


The SPFL Trust’s course runs for 13 weeks and differs to the normal “weight loss” programmes out there, offering advice and practical ways to make changes to your lifestyle, all whilst going behind the scenes here at Airdrie. 

From good ideas about what and how much to eat, tips on changing your lifestyle, or introducing simple opportunities to exercise everyone can be a winner at FFIT.  

The main aims of the programme are to: -


  • Feel better about yourself  

  • Become more active  

  • Lose weight  

  • Develop a healthier lifestyle  

  • Get fitter  

If you are a man aged between 35-65 with a waist size of 38 inches or more, FFIT may be just the ticket to help you kick-off a healthier lifestyle.  

Every 90-minute session contains a different topic, which includes managing your alcohol consumption, understanding food labels and balancing your diet. There is also a physical component to each session. This can be a gentle walk, a circuit session with our trained coaching staff or a game of football.  

FFIT is open to those who enjoy football or those who just want make changes to their health. You do not need to be a supporter of Airdrie to take part in the course.

The sessions will run from 6:30pm - 8:00pm starting on Thursday, September 20 at the Penny Cars Stadium.

A registration evening will take place prior to the start of the course during which a health check and height, weight and waist measurements will be recorded.

If you would like to take part in this life-changing initiative please register your interest by contacting

Please note that places on the programme are limited.

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