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Glencryan Project Update

20th May 2013

With Marc Warren moving back home to Australia, Willie McLaren has 'stepped up to the plate' and taken over coaching duties at Glencryan School in Cumbernauld. 

"I've always fancied getting involved in coaching and saw the partnership with Glencryan as a great opportunity to learn a new skill for myself as well as the kids. 

We currently spend an hour each Wednesday with a group of pupils, starting off with a warm-up session of a wee run, then do some step-overs followed by a spot of dribbling a ball between cones. After that I go in goal for a spot of shooting-in then we have a wee game.


Everyone gets pretty hot with all of the activity going on, so I stress the importance of hydration. To help with this the school supplies a very welcome drink for everyone half-way through the session.

I had a nice surprise this week when the school showed me a poster they've drawn up describing the project - with Airdrie Football Club proudly displayed in their main entrance."


Great job Willie!

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